Kavere's Vision

A society where all disabled people are fully integrated into the community in which we live.


In addition to interventions for decreasing problem behavior, Encore offers a core program designed to increase appropriate behavior in four domains.

Adaptive Skills Development  

Targeting activities of daily living, including self-care and hygiene behavior to increase compliance, efficacy, and if appropriate, independence in completing these tasks. 

Social Skills Training 

Targeting appropriate boundaries, greetings, sharing, taking turns, waiting, and making appropriate requests.

Development of Coping Strategies 

To help with stress and emotions associated with everyday life.

Compliance Training 

To increase compliance to instructions and / or a daily schedule or routine, as well as increasing on-task behavior during extended demands.



Encore also offers interventions designed to specifically target inappropriate sexual behavior. This includes protocols training on relationship boundaries, distinctions in relationship types, interpersonal boundaries/ good touch vs. bad touch rules, and private vs., public behavior. This program is offered with the core program when needed or as a stand-alone program in the absence of other problem behavior.


Service Coordinators: contact the Coordinator of Behavior Services.

Parents: contact your Service
Coordinator at Valley Mountain
Regional Center (VMRC).


Noél Hein 

Program Director
Cell: (209) 425-1442
Office: (209) 451-1003, Ext. 1005

Wendy Ratto, MS

Assistant Program Director
Cell: (209) 242-1907
Office: ieee 451-1003, Ext. 1006


1833 W. March Lane Suite 5
Stockton, California 95207

Fax: (209) 476-1499

Kavere Services INC.

Richard Herrera, M.S., Ed.
Executive Administrator
Cell: (209) 992-3318

Vickie Davis, M.B.A
Regional Administrator
Cell: (209) 607-8879

1833 W. March Lane Suite 6
Stockton, California 95207
Office: (209) 451-1003
Fax: (209) 451-1469

Kavere’s compelling vision of the future is simply–– “a society where all disabled people are fully integrated into the communities in which we live.” 

“Relentless investment in partnering with community organizations to elevate the lives of people with disabilities. To fulfill the mission we strive for; Service delivery that always achieves the best results” 

Kavere’s core values––leadership, equality, diversity, collaboration, feedback, candor, challenging the status quo, and retaining relationships. We believe that our core values position us to make measurable differences, our mission fuels our existence, and our vision is a portrait of what we labor to create.

For further information or referral, please contact Kavere Services Inc. (209) 451-1003. 

Corporate Office 
1833 W. March Ln., Ste. 6 Stockton, CA 95207 
(209) 451-1003 

Transitional Services Program Crisis Home 
3978 Monique Circle 
Stockton, CA 95204 
(209) 463-2030 

Transitional Services Program Crisis Home 
2227 Bridgeton Wy. 
Stockton, CA 95212 
(209) 477-7481  

Kavere at Green Mountain Step-Down Home 
715 Antiquity Drive 
Fairfield, CA 94534 
(707) 759-5478 

Kavere Services, Pine Brook Step-Down Home 
2650 Pine Brook 
Stockton, CA 95212 
(209) 888-5270

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