Children's Residential Services at Glen Canyon

Program Development

Beginning in 2007, partnering Regional Centers and Kavere Services Inc. shared a mission to serve developmentally disabled children converged on development of a specialized residential setting. The primary purpose is to keep children in a stable long term living arrangement in which the child will learn, acquire, retain and expand critical life skills, develop coping skills, and discover his or her talents on the journey to realizing maximum potential.

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    Program Description

    Kavere Services operates Crisis and Step-Down Children’s Residential programs located in the Northern California region, specifically Stockton, Fairfield and Pittsburg. Each program has been individually licensed with The Department of Social Services and vendored through respective Regional Centers to serve children with developmental disabilities. Kavere Services has partnered with Valley Mountain Regional Center, North Bay Regional Center and Regional Center of the East Bay to provide a unique system of care designed specifically to serve children who have achieved only marginal stability in the family home or previous placements. 

    For further information or referral, please contact Kavere Services Inc. (209) 451-1003.