• Provide intensive home based wraparound services working with families
  • Design effective interventions to decrease inappropriate behavior in the home and community
  • Teach families the skills necessary to implement interventions and maintain positive behavior gains
  • To assist clients in meeting basic health and safety needs appropriate to their level of functioning

Encore’s goal with every referral is to assist families in being self-sufficient in implementing the behavior plan independently. Interventions frequently target multiple topographies of problem behavior, including aggression, property destruction, elopement, inappropriate vocalizations, as well as noncompliance. Interventions are conducted in the client’s home and gradually taken into the community to address problem behavior that occurs outside the home.

Principles Of Wraparound Service

  • Family Based: Encore works with families and other individuals known to the client to develop aspects of the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) during assessment and throughout intervention.
  • Community Centered: Services are provided in the home and the community in which the client lives. Strength Based Approach: Service plans reflect the unique strengths, values, culture, and preferences of the family.
  • Need Driven Service: Resources are utilized to meet the unique needs of clients and their parents/care providers.
  • Collaboration and Team Approach: Encore staff works collaboratively with families, Service Coordinators, and other service providers to develop the ISP.

Four Phases of Encore’s Program

  1. Assessment: The assessment includes an extensive interview with parents/caregivers and a functional assessment of problem behavior via direct observations in the home and/or community.
  2. Intervention Phase 1: Encore staff will implement the intervention directly with the client while training the family to correctly implement the intervention outside of sessions.
  3. Intervention Phase 2: Intervention transfers from staff to family, with parents/caregivers implementing the intervention and Encore staff providing support and feedback.
  4. Intervention Phase 3: Intervention begins to shift focus to work on generalization of skills.

Encore is designed to be in the home for a typical duration of six to nine months, after the assessment phase. The pilot program is designed for a longer duration, typically 9 to 12 months.

Core Program

In addition to interventions for decreasing problem behavior, Encore offers a core program designed to increase appropriate behavior in four domains:

  • Adaptive Skills Development targeting activities of daily living, including self-care and hygiene behavior to increase compliance, efficacy, and if appropriate, independence in completing these tasks.
  • Social Skills Training targeting appropriate boundaries, greetings, sharing, taking turns, waiting, and making appropriate requests.
  • Development of Coping Strategies to help with stress and emotions associated with everyday life.
  • Compliance Training to increase compliance to instructions and/or a daily schedule or routine, as well as increasing on-task behavior during extended demands.

Pilot Program

Encore also offers interventions designed to specifically target inappropriate sexual behavior. This includes protocols training on relationship boundaries, distinctions in relationship types, interpersonal boundaries/good touch vs. bad touch rules, and private vs. public behavior. This program is offered with the core program when needed or as a standalone program in the absence of other problem behavior.

How to Refer

Service Coordinators: Contact the Coordinator of Behavior Services.
Parents: Contact your Service Coordinator at Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC).

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