Step 1: Review Openings

Position: Direct Service Provider
Duty Statement: Responsible for Implementing Consumer Treatment Program

  • Performs all necessary housekeeping, direct care program planning, record keeping, documentation, laundry and daily Consumer assistance.
  • Assists Administrator in maintaining Consumers’ records.
  • Assists Consumers’ in their personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Follow menu as directed by the Administrator. Follow proper food handling, food preparation and food storage methods and procedures to ensure that only fresh, nutritious and pleasing food is in the facility and is served properly.
  • Report and document Consumer behavior.
  • Report Special incidents per Title 17 California Code of Regulations
  • Supervise and maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the facility.
  • Assist with self administration of medication per Title 22 and doctor’s orders.
  • Must be physically and mentally able to handle crisis situations that may arise as well as the daily requirements of the job.
  • Participate and assure Consumer well being during all activities.
  • Encourage Consumer participation in daily activities. Assure that individual needs are met and provide needed assistance and supervision.
  • Performs duties necessary for the safety, health and welfare of all Consumers.

Step 2: Download Application

To apply, please download our job application

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Step 3: Send Application

Once you have completed your application attach the document to an e-mail, along with a copy of your resume. Be sure to send both items to our Human Resource Manager or Human Resource Department.